For the past seven years, in the first days of the New Year, the Moscow Tango Holidays festival has been held. With us were fantastic maestros, legendary dancers, talented young tango stars and an incredible Solo tango orchestra.

In January 2021, unfortunately, it will not be possible to hold the eighth full-fledged festival, for all known reasons. But we decided not to leave Russian tangueros without the Tango Holiday!

And so, on January 8, we are doing the most beautiful competition “Moscow Tang Holidays Cup 2021”, in a new format where the possibilities of new technologies will combine with the already established traditions of holding tango competitions.

The Tango Competition program will include the traditional categories “Tango de pista”, “Tango escanario” “Milonga” “Vals” “Milonguero” and the completely new category “Solo Tango orquesta Special Category” “Tango de pista”, “Tango escanario” “Milonga” “Vals” “Milonguero” and a completely new category “Solo Tango orquesta Special Category” in which the judging panel will include, in addition to tango dancers, musicians (for the first time in history!) Solo tango orquersta. We believe that it is very important to find out the opinion / assessment of the authors and performers of music about its dance interpretation.

The judging team will consist of reputable tango dancers, organizers and teachers from different cities and countries, both offline and online.

Our unconditional priority is impartial and objective Judging!

Over the past 6 months, the organizers of the tournament have held 5 large Live Streaming concerts of Solo Tango orquesta, and we are confident in the professionalism of our technical team and that we will be able to guarantee high-quality broadcasting and interaction with the international part of the judging team.

The competition will take place in the chic Ballroom of the Hilton Leningradskaya hotel, which is traditional for Moscow Tango Holidays.

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